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Research | Forskning - peer review > Contribution to book/anthology | Bidrag til bog/antologi
Challenges for Greenland’s Social Policies: How We Meet the Call for Social and Political Awareness

Greenland is a self-declared welfare society. In the present-day political discussions around ind ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Greenland’s emerging social conscience – Voluntary food delivery to people experiencing homelessness in Nuuk

Greenland experienced a 5-week lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. The lockdown effectively took ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning > Paper | Paper
50 years of Arctic social policy and social work education – the Greenlandic case

Greenland is on the one hand a unique case of independent Arctic social policy development and so ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Poster | Poster
An illustration of 50 years of social administration & social work in Greenland

By 2018, Greenland has officially had an independent controlled social and labour administration ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Paper | Paper
In search of security - women’s homelessness in Nuuk, Greenland

The paper explores women’s experiences of homelessness in Nuuk, Greenland from a feminist theoret ... Læs mere