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Women in the Arctic: Gendering Coloniality in Travel Narratives from the Far North, 1907- 1930

This paper focuses on historical travel writing by women in order to investigate the construction ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Contribution to book/anthology | Bidrag til bog/antologi
Coastal Cultures in Scotland and Norway: Narratives, Affinity, Contact

This book chapter investigates transnational cultural encounters that cross the established resea ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Nordic Border Crossings: Coastal Communities and Connected Cultures in Eighteenth-Century Norway, Scotland, and Canada

Coastal cultures form a complex area of research, offering new opportunities to investigate and u ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning > PhD thesis | Ph.d.-afhandling
Popular music from Greenland – Globalization, nationalism and performance of place