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The Postcolonial North Atlantic: Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Five and a half years after its first appearance as a printed book in 2014, the transdisciplinary ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Arctic-adapted dogs emerged at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition

The results indicate that the major ancestry of modern sled dogs traces back to Sibiria, where sl ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning > Anthology | Antologi
Regulation of Extractive Industries: Community Engagement in the Arctic

This book intends to inform the key participants in extractive projects – namely, the communities ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Conference article | Konferenceartikel
Hydrocarbon Development in the Arctic: Rights and Responsibilities

Hydrocarbon activity can be both harmful and hazardous. It is harmful if, in the course of normal ... Læs mere

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