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Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Contamination of the Arctic reflected in microbial metagenomes from the Greenland ice sheet

Globally emitted contaminants accumulate in the Arctic and are stored in the frozen environments ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Upstream freshwater and terrestrial sources are differentially reflected in the bacterial community structure along a small Arctic river and its estuary

Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Bacterial diversity in snow on North Pole ice floes

The microbial abundance and diversity in snow on ice floes at three sites near the North Pole was ... Læs mere

Research | Forskning > Article | Artikel
Draft Genome Sequence of the Psychrophilic and Alkaliphilic Rhodonellum psychrophilum Strain GCM71T

Rhodonellum psychrophilum GCM71(T), isolated from the cold and alkaline submarine ikaite columns ... Læs mere

Consultancy | Rådgivning > Contribution to professional statement | Bidrag til faglig redegørelse
Biorefining and Biotechnology Opportunities in the West Nordic Region

The West Nordic region holds promising opportunities to improve utilisation, sustainability and v ... Læs mere