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Kalaallit Nunaanni Nunanut Allanut Illersornissamullu politiki pillugu isumasiuineq siulleq

Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland 2020-imi novembarip decembarillu ingerlanerani nunanut al ... Læs mere

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Opportunistic climate adaptation and public support for sand extraction in Greenland

Climate change leads to the deposition of substantial amounts of sediment along the coasts of Kal ... Læs mere

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TRAP Grønland

Trap Grønland giver en omfattende og rigt illustreret, stedsspecifik viden om Grønlands natur og ... Læs mere

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"Close, like-minded partners committed to democratic principles": Settling the Hans Island/Tartupaluk Territorial Dispute

On 14 June 2022, an agreement between Canada and the Kingdom of Denmark, together with Greenland, ... Læs mere

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The EU isn’t good enough at drawing attention to its contribution to Greenland

Large amounts of money are being transferred from Brussels to Nuuk. But the EU is not good enough ... Læs mere