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Community fokus på psykisk sundhed i Grønland

Research | Forskning - peer review > Contribution to book/anthology | Bidrag til bog/antologi
Resettlement, urbanization and rural-urban homelessness geographies in Greenland

This chapter reviews historical and contemporary processes of state-sanctioned resettlement and u ... Læs mere

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Equality in Isolated Labour Markets: Equal opportunities for men and women in geographically isolated labour markets in Læsø (DK), Suðuroy (FO), and Narsaq (GL)

This report details the findings of the EQUIL project: Equality in Isolated Areas. The project fo ... Læs mere

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Inuit ataasiakkat ajornartorsiutat kommuninilu suliassat angerlarsimaffeqannginnermut pissutaasutuaanngillat

Communication | Formidling > Feature article | Kronik
Hjemløshed rækker ud over individuelle problemer og kommunale opgaver