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Co-creating Methodologies in Research with Indigenous Peoples


An external lecturer and researcher from Ilisimatusarfik invited to Australia as a Visiting Scholar

On June 1, 2017 Ilisimatusarfik External Lecturer and Researcher, Dr. Ruth Montgomery-Andersen was invited to speak during Australia’s Reconciliation Week, as a guest of the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Indigenous Leadership. The presentation brought international perspective to best-practice research and gave examples of collaborative health research processes involving the Greenlandic People (an Inuit people of Greenland).

Dr. Montgomery-Andersen was in Darwin, Australia at the CDU (Charles Darwin University) campus as Visiting Scholar from the 15th of May – 9 of June 2017. This was brought about through the work of Dr. Sarah Ireland of the OPVC-IL and Dr. Suzanne Belton, an Independent Researcher based in Darwin.

During her stay in Australia she held several speeches, visited clinics and workplaces and also visited the hamlet of Batchelor, which included a visit to a remote health station there. 


Dr. Ruth Montgomery-Andersen has a doctoral degree in Public Health with a focus in mother-child health and rural health disparities in the Arctic. Her strengths are in the use of anthropological and community – based research methods, ethics, empowerment and community involvement/ownership.


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