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Shaping the Arctic - Ilisimatusarfik’s internationalisation strategy

Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland) educates for both the private and public labour market, and does research and programmes within humanities, social - and health science.

Ilisimatusarfik highly prioritises cooperation with the outside world, locally as well as internationally.

Ilisimatusarfik wishes to bridge the university world with the business community and the public sector - locally as well as internationally - because in a collaboration between the sectors, everyone is contributing strong professionalism and combining new thinking and innovation in a fruitful system.

Ilisimatusarfik is an Arctic university that creates knowledge and innovation in a region developing rapidly.

Broadly, deeply and across: Ilisimatusarfik is shaping the Arctic through research, education and cooperation.

Ilisimatusarfik consequently regards internationalisation as a fundamental part of all our work - both in terms of education and research.


Ilisimatusarfik is strongly committed to contributing to solving the challenges faced in the Arctic through our international focus and competence - in addition to our international cooperation.

By collaborating with international universities and environments, Ilisimatusarfik will continue our research activities to address these challenges.

This internationalisation strategy supports Ilisimatusarfik’s vision that is:

  • internationally recognised for Arctic research, with a cross-disciplinary perspective benefitting society;
  • acclaimed for the documented results as we educate students for the society of the future in the Arctic and internationally;
  • an attractive partner for private companies and public authorities, regionally, nationally and internationally.

As we cooperate with many international partners, Ilisimatusarfik strengthens our international capabilities and provides our students and staff with the most attractive international experiences and learning environments.


In order to ensure the sustainability and continuation of our internationalisation strategy, our main focus is on these three major headlines:

  • Research & Collaboration
  • Education
  • Internationalisation at Home

Regarding 'Research & Collaboration'

Ilisimatusarfik is committed to strengthening the international dimension in our research - as well as enabling our researchers to strengthen international networks. This will increase the impact of our research, develop new positions of strength and enable existing research areas to deliver results benefitting society - both in the Arctic and internationally.

Regarding 'Education'

Ilisimatusarfik’s student body has a strong international profile. International experience, intercultural understanding and the ability to analyse and solve complex problems are competences in demand in a globalized world - and all competences our students gain during their education at Ilisimatusarfik.

Graduates from Ilisimatusarfik will consequently be ready to contribute to solving the challenges faced by the Arctic and the international community at large - and they are able to work in new and collaborative ways in increasingly connected and globalized environments.

Many graduates from Ilisimatusarfik have a strong international profile, and they are attractive and ready for the regional, national and international job markets.

Mobility for Ilisimatusarfik students is of a high priority - and it is easy, attractive, meriting and appreciated - and all Ilisimatusarfik students have the option of going abroad to study or do traineeships during their education. Furthermore, going abroad to study or do traineeships is mandatory for all our master students.

Ilisimatusarfik will continue to promote and improve mobility and encourage students to go abroad to gain experience by study exchange, traineeships and international collaboration.

All Ilisimatusarfik students are also financially supported by the Greenlandic Government when going abroad.

Regarding 'Internationalisation at Home'

Ilisimatusarfik is open to the world - and invites international partners to Ilisimatusarfik for longer and shorter visits and stays. 

In order to accommodate ambitions for internationalisation, Ilisimatusarfik ensures that non-Greenlandic and non-Danish students and staff are able to operate and perform on campus on equal terms with native speakers.

Ilisimatusarfik provides professional guidance and support for international students and staff - as well as guest lecturers and guest researchers.

Ilisimatusarfik's International Office is the key driver of support in this respect, as it provides professional guidance and support for international students and staff. To strengthen the professional support structure, collaboration with local and national stakeholders and authorities will be further developed.

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