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Tenna Jensen

Tenna Jensen

Adjungeret lektor, ph.d.

E-mail: tennaje@hum.ku.dk

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Since the beginning of 2017 I have managed the research and development project Ageing in the Arctic (AgeArc). The project aims to investigate health, well-being and quality of life among older people and in collaboration with the municipalities to develop suggestions for welfare products, solutions and educational materials for use in the health and care sector. Ageing in the Arctic is a collaborative project that besides from Ilisimatusarfik involves the municipalities and a number of Danish research and education institutions. In 2018 I became affiliated to the Greenland Center for Health Research. The affiliation has allowed me to strengthen ties to the Center and to other parts of Ilisimatusarfik and to interact, engage and exchange knowledge with both researchers and students.