Ruth Montgomery-Andersen

Ruth Montgomery-Andersen

Ruth Montgomery-Andersen

DrPH, forsker


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Ruth Montgomery-Andersen has a Doctoral degree in Public Health with a focus in mother-child health and Rural Health disparities in the Arctic. Her strengths are in the use of anthropological and community – based research methods, ethics, and community involvement/ownership. She believes in sharing with communities in forms that are culturally relevant. She is the producer of several documentary and instructional films that are in use in Greenland, as well as in Norway, Denmark, Canada and Alaska.

Over the past 25 years, she has been the primary caregiver for over 2000 newborns and their parents. From 1995-2001, Montgomery worked as a primary caregiver for women in rural areas of Greenland, and 2003-2005 she was supervisor for the National Referral Hospital’s (DIH) labor wards in Nuuk, Greenland. 

She has hands– on experience teaching medical, nursing, midwifery students, and social workers, in Greenland and has worked as a clinical supervisor for the midwifery college in Aalborg in Denmark and as a clinical supervisor for midwifery students in several hospitals in Greenland. 

Empowerment and mentoring is at the forefront of teaching goals and this is often achieved by involving students in empowerment and intervention projects, many of which are now in use by the Government of Greenland. 

With a varied portfolio of clinical work, teaching, research, and health promotion projects in both rural and urban localities, she has an understanding of how to present and inspire students to work towards achieving their own goals.  

Interest areas: Qualitative research methods, CBPR, Research Ethics, Health Promotion, Children’s Rights, MCH, Capacity building, Nation building.