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Mie Møller

Mie Møller

Læge, ph.d.-studerende

E-mail: mimoe@uni.gl

Telefon: +45 29916900


Mie Møller was double enrolled as a PhD-student in August 2021 at Ilisimatusarfik and University of Copenhagen. She is conducting a PhD-project called Aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Greenland. The project consists of four individual studies which aims to evaluate specific prevention strategies and possible aftershocks of the pandemic. The first study will estimate the effect of the pre-travel COVID-19 screening program in travelers to Greenland since March 2020. The second study is going to determine the antibody response over 12 months in a cohort of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals born and living in Greenland as an expression of vaccine effectiveness. The third study will estimate to what extent COVID-19 travel and other restrictions and precautions have affected the patterns of upper and lower respiratory tract infections in Greenland in the years 2020-22. And lastly, the fourth study will examine the frequency and severity of pos-t-COVID-19 sequelaes in Greenlanders.