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Sanne Broberg

Institut for Samfund, Økonomi & Journalistik
Afdeling for Socialt Arbejde
Ilimmarfik, Manutooq 1 
Postboks 1061 
3900 Nuuk
E-mail: sabr@uni.gl

Sanne Broberg is a clinical psychologist qualified through the University of Copenhagen, with particular interests in social, developmental & cultural psychology.

After her MA she took a placement in Aotearoa New Zealand with Whariki Research Center, Massey University, which specializes in research that centres Māori and indigenous peoples wellbeing. There her study explored the application of indigenous principles, values and worldviews within the field of research and psychology, in ways that would elevate mental health and wellbeing for Inuit.

Now she is embarking on doctoral studies with a focus on Indigenous methodologies in psychology, discursive approaches and Inuit perspectives, in a dual degree program between Ilisimatusarfik in Greenland and Roskilde University in Denmark.

Sanne has worked with a range of non-profit organisations within children's welfare and Kalaallit Inuit culture in Denmark. She has also worked as a psychologist in Danish municipalities, in interdisciplinary collaborations with psychologists, doctors, teachers, nurses, speech and hearing therapists, social services, psychiatric departments, schools and day care centres, counselling and advising professional staff and families in pedagogy and developmental psychology.

In 2022, Sanne co-founded and is 2nd chair of the Center for Arctic Psychology, a new interdisciplinary collaboration the governing board of which consists of professionals within arctic studies, social anthropology and arctic psychology.